This is what diversity looks like

30 11 2011

Diversity of opinion, that is

In case you can’t tell from the picture, the flyers from tomorrow’s event, “The Morality of Capitalism: Where Occupy Wall Street Went Wrong,” are coexisting peacefully with flyers for a Michael Moore campus visit.

It might not be the kind of diversity that makes for feel-good promotional photo ops, but campus does harbor a dizzying number of student groups representing nearly every interest, activity, and political persuasion under the sun.

Often, the hard part is connecting students with the organization they didn’t know they were looking for. Flyering may or may not help–but it is a sort of ritual that every group feels the need to take part in.

As an aside, note that the presentation hosted by the greedy, selfish capitalist College Libertarians is free (and all attendees receive a free book), while the event featuring a faux-populist hero and darling of the progressive movement is charging ten dollars for tickets. Draw from that whatever conclusions you’d like.






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