Labor’s dangerous delusion

6 12 2011

Frank Beckmann’s takedown of ex-SEIU President Andy Stern’s recent pro-China commentary should serve as a wake-up call to union members nationwide.

Stern’s sheer shamelessness in calling for a shift towards Chinese-style totalitarianism is shocking. After all, behind China’s whiz-bang exterior and explosive (if unsustainable) economic expansion lies a corrupt one-party state that quashes any serious opposition.

Don’t believe it? Just wait until abused Chinese workers try to stage their own Battle of the Overpass. They’ll disappear without a trace – except for their internal organs, which the Chinese government will dutifully harvest.

A totalitarian impulse necessarily underlies all calls to be more like China, as uncontested leadership is necessary to, in the words of economist Tom Friedman,  “authorize the right solutions.”

Union rank and file aren’t knowingly supporting that totalitarian impulse when they blindly back big labor initiatives (or so I hope). Instead, they continue to operate under the mistaken assumption that their leadership is acting responsibly.

But big labor, or at least its bloated executive class, has long been in bed with the forces of big government to the detriment of workers, management, and the economy as a whole. Unless Americans – including union workers – wise up fast, Stern’s command-and-control wishes might just come true.




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