Charting 2011

2 01 2012

2011 may be behind us, but it’s never too late for a bit of economic perspective as we head into the new year. The American’s Enterprise Blog sheds some light on the past twelve months with their “7 most illuminating economic charts of 2011.”

Fair warning: you’re not going to like everything you see. It’s no surprise that unemployment is still tragically high despite prodigal government spending, which has fueled unsustainable levels of debt Those bleak stats are all charted at the link.

Of course, data can be twisted to suit most any agenda or prove any point.


A few of the Enterprise Blog’s charts correct the statistics-backed canards frequently advanced by the left – and not a moment too soon, given 2011’s intensifying eat-the-rich rhetoric.

Inequality, when measured in terms of wealth rather than income, is actually declining. We’re all getting richer in real terms. Middle class income has risen dramatically over the past three decades, contrary to the claims of pro-redistribution liberals.

While we all hope for a prosperous 2012, its going to be a long path to recovery – and chances are good we’re going to have to defend free market principles along the way. Perhaps one or two of these charts will help make the fight a little easier.




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