Working on a resume

10 01 2012

It’s cop-out to write “no time to write,” but I’m working on my resume and I don’t want to break that New Year’s resolution.

This is when I hope my investment in extracurricular activities and years of rigorous coursework (ugh, but I hate the term “resume building”)  pays off. Will keep you posted.

In other news, I just discovered that someone commented on my November 30th Michigan Daily viewpoint published in advance of Tom Palmer’s campus visit. Click the link and scroll down to the bottom to check it out.

I really wish said commenter would have, you know, actually attended the event and addressed their concerns to the guest instead of sniping anonymously from the comments section.

His (it always seems to be a he) references to Naomi Klein are unsurprising – it’s typical to claim that corrupt, cronyist intervention into Third World affairs is somehow a damning indictment of free-market advocates like Palmer, who are apparently all members of some secret facist cabal.

And yet I’m a tinfoil hatter for questioning the effectiveness of the Federal Reserve System.




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