Bracing for a day-long Internal Combustion Extravaganza

13 01 2012

Detroit’s a great place to be an automotive enthusiast–they don’t call it the Motor City for nothing. And now is perhaps the most exciting time in recent memory to be an auto enthusiast in metro Detroit. I’ve been going to the North American International Auto Show for as long as I can remember; I can’t think of a past show that has generated the same level of positive buzz.

Next year I’ll make a play for passes to the press preview, but this year I’ll be continuing my tradition of attending opening day with the rest of the plebs. Expect a blow-by-blow and lots of pictures–I’m writing an article about entry-level cars for the Michigan Review. There’s a lot of great options on the market right already, and I’m excited to see the new Dodge Dart up close.

But wait, there’s more.

Nina bought us tickets to Monster Jam at Ford Field. I’m pumped. No sarcasm.


I’ve been watching old monster truck show commercials to get in the mood.

They don’t make them like they used to.

I’m hoping that a Poison tribute band or something kicks off the event. And Robasaurus had better be there. Stay tuned.



One response

14 01 2012

I used to go to all the Monster truck shows at the Silverdome. I really enjoyed it but the fumes made me sick. I recommend bringing a mask… haha, if you’re sensitive to exhaust gases like me.

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