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21 01 2012

Just made dinner with Nina. Cheesy tater tots, an unusual spring salad (avocado, strawberries, asparagus), panini (cherry-flavored crasins are not a good substitute for dried cherries). Too focused on eating to take pictures, go figure.

Been real busy with Michigan Review content and more over the past few days, so keep an eye out for:

– Auto show coverage with an focus on cars for first-time buyers.

– Column on entrepreneurship and the future of Michigan.

Michigan Review editorial on U-M President Coleman’s recent travel expenses. Hint: they’re higher than any other university president in the state.

– Breakdown of my Monster Jam experience. It was everything I dreamed it would be. And more. I also got some great pictures. Sneak peak:

Full. Throttle.




One response

22 01 2012

The unusual spring salad is a winner and everything else gets a thumbs down from me… protein-less, carb laden dinner = tubby me, eew!

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