Great De Lorenzo rant at Autoextremist

25 01 2012

Peter De Lorenzo has been offering vital, informed commentary on the auto industry in his weekly Autoextremist Rants for over a decade. His latest piece takes on the proposed Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard hike with his characteristic passion and irreverence:

Yes, they aim to have us live in a picture-perfect land of forced electrification, where even our “other” cars and trucks would get 70+ mpg while emitting only a faint whiff of espresso, complete with all the visceral appeal of a three-day-old scone, and costing so damn much that no one in their right mind will want to pay for them.

Oh, but wouldn’t our valley be green and great?

No, not really, but then again that’s beside the point. Anyone still operating under the assumption that the politicos in Washington actually have the country’s best interests in mind, well, to say you have another thing coming would be the understatement of the year.

The proles will love these things–not that they'll have a choice

He also raises the matter of UAW President Bob King’s support of the CAFE standard increase. I also called out King’s bizarre reasoning in my bit on CAFE standards; it’s nice to know I’m at least on the same wavelength as pundits with far more industry experience:

And then there was the UAW’s own Bob “King of Delusion” King, who made a complete fool of himself by suggesting that the stringent fuel mileage regulations would ultimately create thousands of jobs for his mired-on-life-support union, when every single reasoned assessment of what would really happen pointed to the contrary.

I doubt that any of our enlightened elites are listening to De Lorenzo – as he points out, they’ve already made up their minds. But if you can spare a few minutes, check out the whole rant at Autoextremist. It’s nothing if not cathartic.




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