Always, always, always back up your stuff

30 01 2012

I just spent all the spare time I had set aside for writing about monster trucks recreating a club mailing list…all because the U-M directory decided to inexplicably delete the existing one.

Fortunately, I had a backup–from last year. I had to manually cross reference that old list with my email archives and remove the names of everyone who unsubscribed. I know a few slipped through, so I’ve got their (rightfully) pissed-off emails to look forward to…

What’s the point of my bitching?

While my wasting two hours is relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it can serve as an invaluable lesson to everyone: always backup your stuff. Backup your backups with backed-up backups. Get an external hard drive, or Carbonite, or something.

If you don’t, you’re eventually going to lose something far more important than a stupid college club mailing list.




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