The “Occupy CPAC” rent-a-movement

10 02 2012

Say what you will about the Occupy movement – at least the protests are creating some desperately-needed jobs. And not just in the janitorial field.

Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields spoke with members of the “Occupy CPAC” event and found that many were paid $60/day for their attendance by local unions; one wasn’t even aware of the nature of the conference he was protesting. So much for the grassroots.

Of course, not all Occupiers are hired “activists,” but this rent-a-movement phenomenon isn’t exactly unique. Fields confirmed existence of phony Occupy DC protesters last October. That unions are ready and willing to hire protesters (at below union wages, naturally) demonstrates just how cynically political these organizations can be.

Incidentally, Fields is one of the young, principled leaders demonstrating the power and potential of the burgeoning liberty movement. Last year, she received the Students for Liberty “Student of the Year” award for her campus activism; it’s great to see that she is using her talent and dedication to fight the media’s liberal status quo.




One response

11 02 2012
Kath Usitalo

Doesn’t matter if if was only one….but would be nice to know an estimate on the number of paid posers. A dozen? Hundreds?

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