The UAW’s clueless demagoguery

13 02 2012

If Indiana’s adoption of a right-to-work law wasn’t enough to get the labor reform ball rolling here in Michigan, UAW President Bob King’s recent demagoguery ought to do the trick.

The Detroit News reports that King “used the anniversary of the Flint sit-down strike on Friday to call for ‘direct action’ — including nonviolent civil disobedience — to take back America from the “right-wing Republicans” and “one-percenters” he says have hijacked this democracy.”

In case King hadn’t noticed, the economy isn’t exactly humming along; mass protests complete with ominous-sounding “direct action” at a time of high unemployment is a recipe for a PR disaster (for the record, I’m more than willing to let the UAW march right into that trap).

Kings’s drivel is, of course, nothing new. No, what’s truly bizarre is his choice of target–the company he believes best represents the right-wing one-percenters “hijacking” our democracy.

Is it a defense firm? One of the big banks? An oil company?

Not quite. King is planning on unleashing the fury of America’s workers–or at least as many unemployed stooges as he can rent at $60/day–on…General Electric.

Just a couple of capitalist crusaders, freein' markets and stuff

That’s the same General Electric headed by Obama’s buddy Jeffrey Immelt. The same General Electric that, due to its intimate knowledge of tax law and deft application of “green” subsidies and credits, pays virtually nothing in taxes.

General Electric’s shenanigans represent a troubling perversion capitalism–one vehemently opposed by supporters of the free enterprise system and readily embraced by command-and-control statists like Obama. King couldn’t have picked a nicer group of crony capitalists to protests if he had tried (he missed out on the opportunity to picket Solyndra by a few months).

If the UAW set out to hire a partisan hack as President, they certainly did an excellent job in selecting King. Yet one might expect that, for King’s six-figure salary, the union could have at least found a hack with some understanding of the concept of irony.




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