Finally, I have a rapper name

10 03 2012

You don’t get to choose your own nickname. Oh, sure, you can try to convince everyone to call you Shooter or Ace or something really badass out of Top Gun, but the only nicknames that stick are the ones that friends or fate bestow upon you.

I’m not sure if rap names work the same way; I am not exactly dialed in to that subculture. Regardless of how the process is supposed to happen, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education – better known as FIRE – just handed me a beauty:

Gizham. Maybe even MC Gizham. It’s perfect.

Spelling mistakes aside, FIRE does good work. When student runs afoul of our hallowed universities’ draconian “speech codes” or politically-correct “harassment” policies, FIRE is ready to provide legal support.

Their site even has a handy school look-up tool so you can see how your own school stacks up when it comes to individual rights. It’s not really surprising to me at this point, but the tolerant, progressive U-M gets…a “red light” speech code rating. Go figure.




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