Mixing politics and pleasure

12 03 2012

If there really is a “War on Women,” it’s instructive to note which side is weaponizing sex. Hint: it’s not the group supposedly hell-bent on banning birth control.

Take, for example, the ACCESS DENIED SEX STRIKE scheduled to last from April 28 to May 5. I’m not sure how a sex strike is supposed to sway the condom confiscators (the left’s newest boogeyman), since the anti-sex, anti-women Puritans on the right are presumably¬† just fine with a sudden shift towards abstinence.

Intent and inconsistencies aside, “ACCESS DENIED” shows no signs of becoming a mass movement. Its Facebook page seems to have been completely co-opted by snarky conservatives. But that doesn’t make sentiment behind the event irrelevant. The left has used sex as a political tool before.

During the heat of the debate over health care reform, “nonpartisan” activist organization Rock the Vote instructed pro-reformers to withhold sex from those who opposed Obamacare. I tried to find an embeddable copy of that video, but unsurprisingly, Rock the Vote has made the spot “private.” If the “hold out for health care” campaign was intended to be satire, it backfired; advising young activists to use their bodies to gain political leverage is crass, even in jest.

The affairs of the bedroom should be kept separate from the affairs of the state. Conservatives attempts to legislate morality – the extent that they exist outside of the minds of liberals – are unjustified encroachments on privacy and individual liberty. But the left’s occasional use of sex as a bludgeon against political opponents betrays their cynicism and, ironically, an apparent lack of respect for the intimacy they claim to defend.




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