In the parking lot

16 04 2012

It’s getting to be finals week, and I’ve got a major paper coming due. Hard to believe that I’ll be all done at the University of Michigan, at least as far as academics are concerned, in exactly seven days.

Anyway, campus is a great place to see a staggering variety of motorcycles. Parking is free for mopeds and motorcycles, and students and staff definitely take advantage of this. Below is a typical example of what I see every day before class:

It’s a rather motley assortment. There’s a new Triumph, an old Kawasaki, a Harley…a lot of beaters like mine, etc. Sometimes there’s a new Ducati and some other sportbikes.

Kind of odd that I see the same bikes day after day but never meet the other riders. We could have formed one of the most unlikely, least intimidating biker gangs on the planet.




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