My Ears, They are A-Dyin’

5 05 2012

Remember the eagerly anticipated Occupy Wall Street benefit album? No?

Well, I managed to put it out of my mind as well. Until today.

Now, via Ace of Spades, you too can enjoy the vocal tour de force that is Michael Moore’s rendition of “The Times They are A-Changin'”… if you dare. You might want to set a side a few minutes for recovery deep mediation after listening:

It gets really bad at around the 1:10 mark (1:20 in the above video). Of course, this might just be the vanguard of a new Occupy strategy: flooding the market with terrible, terrible protest song covers until the One Percent voluntarily surrenders their wealth.

If Moore’s take on Dylan is any indication of what is to follow, that strategy might just work.




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