Watch a Viper bite the dust in a spectacular fashion

22 05 2012

Looks like you can strike one Viper ACR-X from the registry. SRT Viper Cup driver David Pintaric managed to obliterate his ACR-X at Road America earlier this month – and walk away unharmed.

It’s fire and it’s crashing! It’s crashing terrible! Oh, my!

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the amazing footage that survived the crash is a weird sort of bonus/consolation prize:

Two things to take away from this:

• The Viper is a sexy beast, even flying through the air upside-down.

• There are worse cars to flip at high speed. Pintaric gets visibly emotional when thanking the Viper’s engineers for building a performance machine that also manages to protect its occupants when things go south.




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