From Hopper’s Nighthawks

11 06 2012

Everyone knows Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, even if they don’t actually know the title or artist of the 1942 painting:

Nighthawks is either iconic or cliché, depending on how you look at it. On its own, it’s great. Unfortunately, it has inspired and endless stream of schlock, like this:

Not as bad as velvet paintings of Elvis, not as good as Dogs Playing Poker

Seriously, not sure who buys this stuff. Although I’m strangely taken with the anteater remix:

$#%!@ you, New York!

Anyway, I was driving down John R the other day and, while stuck at a stoplight, this scene just sort of fell into place. Fortunately I had my cell phone camera ready. I call it Nightcracks:

The guy in the middle really brings it all together

It’s either a celebration of the late-night, blue collar greasy spoon culture or a bleak examination of America’s obesity epidemic. You decide.




One response

12 06 2012

If I stop there I’ll remember not to choose that stool….

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